About Me

My art training is anchored in the traditional style. Painting and  drawing throughout childhood 

created a path to the painting and  sculpture department of the School of the Museum of Fine

 Arts in  Boston, MA.  Graduation was in 1968 with Highest Honors.  This was in  addition to

 private studies in both sculpture and figure drawing with renown sculptor and teacher, Mr. 

George Demetrious of Gloucester, Ma. 


Traditional painting seemed too restrictive so I  gradually found my way toward a

 contemporary style which is liberating and better suited to my thinking and lifestyle.

I have always had a fascination with diversity and so my work is of  contrasts - opposites that

 converge to form a harmonic visual experience;   fine and broad brushstrokes, rough and clean

 lines, light and dark,  stillness and movement, boldness and discipline, thought and emotion, 

 inner and outer life.  All  are inspired by a lifelong interest in  people, extensive travel, music 

(especially jazz) and my life in  Boston's Back Bay.